In defense of quitting

I’m not really quitting…just postponing, delaying, failing to meet a deadline. (Have I ever missed a deadline before? I don’t think so).

The last time I wrote anything in my Nanowrimo novel was Nov. 11. I had about 9,000 words. So I’m not going to write 41,000 more between now and a week from Monday.

It’s OK. When I’ve done this before, I raced to throw in enough to meet the deadline, but both books required so much rewriting that after Nov. 30, I didn’t touch them again. Better, I think, to do what I did with my first novel, which was write it over a period of a year or two. Toward the end there, I worked on it each Sunday until I was done. It’s much more complete.

I think this one has potential, and it’s not autobiographical. It’s about a female mixed martial arts fighter. I’ll say it’s Whip It meets Million Dollar Baby. (meets something with a more troubled protagonist). So you can see how I’ll be able to draw from things in my own experience, without writing about myself.

There seems to be more going on this November than in previous Novembers. Granted, I started a dog class two years ago in November as well, but our current dog class has a lot of actual written homework. Sure, I don’t really have to do it, but I’m pretty accustomed to doing well in school. Not being very successful in dog classes has taken a toll on my self-esteem, so it feels good to shine in dog class.

I’ve also been reading a book for my book club (Old School) and socializing more than usual. So, I decided it was better for my well-being not to force myself to sit at my desk when I have other things to do.

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