At the risk of offending someone I don’t know, but who shares the pronunciation of my name (I’m guessing), I want to share the discovery of “The Kari Safari,” not to be confused with Rhymes with Safari.

Interestingly, her blog appears to be mostly movie reviews. Interesting, because of course, I am trained in the art of reviewing movies. I have a degree in it.

The Other Kari has not posted lately, so maybe she’ll never discover that I’ve linked to her. But if she does, I have to ask, why go by the nickname “Kartard”? It’s offensive to both Karis and retards, which I’m perhaps erroneously assuming is the derivation. Her last name could be Tard. In which case, I apologize.

I told my brother that people coming across this blog will not mistake it for mine, because I would never go by Kartard.

He said, “That’s not for you to decide, Kartard.”

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