Can you imagine if I Twittered?

I don’t know what to say. Which is precisely the problem. All the random thoughts I want to share with the Internet have become Facebook status updates instead of blogs, and that’s where I’ve been posting photos too.

Partly, because I’ve tried to remain anonymous here, I have virtually no audience, and the things I say on Facebook get reactions from people I went to junior high with. Junior high! Would those people visit my blog, I wonder?

When I first started blogging, I sent the link to everyone I knew and cared about. But many of them, not bloggers themselves, paid little attention. Then I started worrying that something I wrote could come back to haunt me. Wouldn’t want my boss to read my blog!

Somehow, Facebook has made it OK for people to use their own names again. Play Scrabble with their bosses. It’s one-stop shopping…if you’re already on it, writing about yourself, you don’t even have to take an extra step to check in on me.

I wonder, if I thought more people would read my blog, if I would blog more? I took the first step, which was posting the link to this blog under “websites” on my Facebook profile.

Nothing happened. Mostly I’m not afraid of anything I wrote within the past year or two … but if someone really wanted to learn all my secrets, those archives to the right are a treasure trove. Or Pandora’s Box.

The really bold move would be to actually post one of my entries on Facebook. I’m not quite ready for that…

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