Who doesn’t Jean-Marc Genereaux love?

Last night’s performance finale of SYTYDC made me want to revisit Blake the Judge‘s earlier work as a contestant on Season 1 of SYTYCD. When he talked about what is expected of the Top 4, I was all like, “How would you know, you were cut from the Top 6!” Burn!

That’s not fair though, because he really deserved to be in the Top 4. I was able to verify this, because I happen to have seasons 1-4 of SYTYCD on DVD. Impossible, you say? The show hasn’t been released on DVD? That may be, but it didn’t stop the Internet from selling it to Rob to give me as a birthday present.

So I watched the last three episodes of Season 1.

That finale, by the way, was the only one to have a Top 2 Girl routine that didn’t suck. What’s that about? The Top 2 Guy routine is always killer, and Top 2 girls always a bit of a buzz-kill. Donyelle/Heidi Broadway, Lacey/Sabra Fox Dance (not to be confused with the Fox Trot), Katee/Courtney Broadway (hmm, another Broadway) and Natalli/Allie a-Go-Go.

But Melody and Ashle’s Mia Michaels piece was damn good.

I wonder if the lackluster girl routine has anything to do with girls not tending to win the competition. Excepting Sabra.

I don’t have a vote in Canada, but I’d be happy to see any of the Final 4 win. I don’t think Natalli is very likely to take it, although she does have that je ne sais quoi. I think Allie also is unlikely because of the aforementioned gender bias.

Nico and Miles remind me of Twitch and Joshua, in a Canadian white guy kind of way. Nico was the really popular one at the start of the season … but “untrained” B-boy Miles excelled in every style and came from behind … Unlike Twitch, however, Nico does not seem to have lost any thunder in the final weeks.

Oh, oh! What I really wanted to comment on is the damn love fest behind the judge’s table. Why must Jean-Marc Genereaux profess his love to every dancer after every performance? It’s embarrassing. Is it a Quebecois thing?

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2 thoughts on “Who doesn’t Jean-Marc Genereaux love?

  1. Apparently francophones have a lot of love to give. I voted for Allie and Nico, FWIW

  2. Nico had a really good night! Every one of his dances was awesome. He was the only one who didn’t have a so-so performance. Then there’s poor, poor Miles…I couldn’t really tell a few weeks ago when Natalli forgot her Krump routine (although I could tell something was not right), but oh, dear Miles…

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