Pilgrims and Canadians

I know I’m probably supposed to write something about Thanksgiving, but I’d rather talk about So You Think You Can Dance Canada. That’s right, I’ve got dual dance citizenship.

I forgot I got the Canadian channel that runs SYTYCDC, so I missed the first few episodes. Interestingly, I wasn’t really that into it at first. Maybe because I hadn’t gotten to know the dancers yet. They use many of the same choreographers and judges as the U.S. version, so how could I not get completely wrapped up in it?

I don’t remember what the turning point was, but I can say that I’ve watched the Natalli/Vincent contemporary piece about 400 times since last week.

Let me back up to say that I have been obsessed with SYTYCD since the first season, when I blogged about it only a little. For some reason, I didn’t think anyone I knew was watching it. Back when I worked in a newsroom where people talked about such things, everyone talked about American Idol, Project Runway, Top Model… but I never heard any mention of SYTYCD. Imagine my surprise to learn that some of my readers…family members, even (see you at Thanksgiving tomorrow, guys!), were watching.

So I’m pretty sure there’s only one person reading this (Hi, Chelsea!) who cares what I think about tonight’s SYTYCDC … but when I’m posting things like the following on her Facebook wall, it makes me realize that I need a larger forum:

I would have said Izaak screwed Arassay … and maybe he did because people were worried about him, so they voted for him, assuming Arassay and Vincent would be safe. Silly Canadians. That would never happen in the U.S. (Ahem! Kherington and Comfort. Will and Mark.)

That reminds me of a joke made on The Soup about dancers having the weirdest spelled names, ever. Seriously. I’m talking to you, Season 2 Jaymz (cus you know that’s not how his parents spelled it.)

Thoughts on tonight’s performances: Loving Nico and Natalli as a couple (rockin’ quick step); Continued to be impressed with Allie’s solos: an actual ballerina, en pointe, way cool; and oh. my. god. who are these dancers working out with because I’ve never seen such washboard abs. (And I used to go to a class at Crunch LA called Washboard Abs.) I’m not even talking about Nico and Miles, although, wow. But Lisa and Natalli? Hello!

Oh, and Leah Miller? So not Cat Deeley.

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  1. Yes. Leah isn’t Kat, but she’s totally Leah and I love her for that. I voted for Nico, Allie and Miles last night. Sorry I didn’t get your message about Natalli until I’d gone to bed. I’ll put some votes in for her if she goes top four for you.Oh and Tash and I are going to to results show tonight. Yay!

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