Wired (mostly wireless, actually)

It was a tech-heavy birthday this year. With a GPS thingy (Thanks, Rob!) — TomTom to many, but I call her Mandy, after the name of the voice I selected — the HD TiVo (Thanks, Dad!) and the PetCam (Thanks, Mom!), I can do anything.

I can watch YouTube videos on my 40-inch TV! The question of course, is why would I, since the resolution is usually too crappy even to watch full-screen on the computer.

The PetCam is particularly exciting. Since we stopped crating Isis after we got back from India (She was loose in the house all day for an entire week, with basically no supervision since Rob was sick in bed, and didn’t get into any trouble), I’ve suspected she spends all her time on the couch staring out the window.

Now I can go to work and watch her all day, asleep with her head hanging off the couch or looking out the window or barking out the window. Wish the PetCam were HD.

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