…whether it was such a good idea to continue rainy-day dog walks with my hair still wet, after I started getting a cold.

…and whether the rattle in my chest is pneumonia or just a chest cold.

Anyway, I feel better today than I did yesterday, when I stayed in bed (and couch) all day. Took Isis to class this morning and plan to take her to another class tomorrow. We started it last week, and I’m actually driving her to Seattle once a week for it. It’s not like I had anything better to do with my Sundays, except paint accent walls in green tea leaf and merlot.

The new class is specifically for dogs with growly issues. Our issues are exclusively dog-on-dog, but the trainers told us all to implement a very strict in-home program for the duration of the class. It’s meant to show the dog who’s boss and involves tethering one’s dog to one’s self and banning them from getting on any furniture. And giving them only one toy, and then taking it away. Can you imagine the cruelty?

I’ll admit, I haven’t done the tethering thing once, and the off-the-furniture thing lasted only one-and-a-half nights. We like having her on the bed, OK?

On day 3, I decided that all those rules are for people with bad dogs, and since we have a good dog, we don’t have to do them. Can’t wait to explain that to the trainers tomorrow night.

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