Follow up

A few things I didn’t have time to type up yesterday before I headed out to the state fair. For work. (This is the third time I’ve been to this fair by myself, but usually it’s to see Weird Al. Rob’s taking me to see Weird Al on my birthday next month, but I was kinda bummed to discover that Weird Al actually played the fair this week, the night before I was there. And I could have gone on any day.)

  • Huge disappointment re: my hair. None of Yahoo! Avatar’s hairstyles are quite right. Except the one with the purple hat. And it’s not raining yet, but the poncho/rubber boot look just seemed appropriate.
  • In the first “after” photo, what you see on my shoulder is an Aladdin band-aid, covering up one of my itchy mole scabs. The hairstylist admired this, and my Aurora/Belle/Cinderella watch and then after I went on about having recently been to Disney World, I paid with a Snow White check. What a freak I must have seemed.
  • I really should wear lipstick when having my picture taken.

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