Weight for it…

I lost 1.2 pounds since last week’s weigh-in. Which sort of surprised me, because my scale at home wasn’t showing much of a difference.

I’m pleased. I think I’ve been pretty good about following the plan, since Sunday anyway. (Friday and Saturday were potlucks, and there’s no controlling the food there.) I’m still working out the rules of the core plan, in which you can eat certain foods for meals and certain foods for snacks and can only have one meal a day with brown rice, potatoes or whole wheat pasta in it. Some cereals are core, but not ones that have any flavor to them. All the non-core foods have points values, and you get 35 points a week to spend on those. Plus whatever activity points you earn each day.

My problem is that I have become wholly resistant to counting points at all. I figure I can have 5 a day, but then I’m doing so much walking, surely I have an activity point here or there to spend. Plus, I don’t have that much to lose, so I don’t have to be that strict…you see where this is going?

And let’s not forget that all my meals this coming Sunday through Thursday will be prepared by Mickey Mouse, which will make it hard to keep track of points or stick to core foods. So Friday of next week, right after my next weigh-in, that’s when I’ll really get serious.

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