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So I’ve gained 5 pounds since moving in with Rob. Which isn’t that much, but after about a year of planning to lose a few, and somehow gaining a couple instead, I decided that I needed reinforcements to boost my motivation.

Enter Isis and our morning walks and a return to Weight Watchers! I’m just sort of curious about what kind of secret weapons of “mass” destruction (get it?) they’ve developed since my last weigh-in, in 2004. They have some kind of “core” plan now.

I planned to go to today’s 12:15 meeting, which is in a different location, but I think it’s actually the same meeting that I first starting going to, before I realized that I’d weigh less if I went to the 8 a.m. Friday meetings without having breakfast. Or a sip of water.

This morning, I’m eating my 100-calorie snack of Reese’s Pieces with cereal puffs about five seconds after sitting down at my desk when my office mate tells me that on account of our organization winning a major lawsuit, she’s been instructed to buy the “staff” snacks. The staff today is me and her. She asks what I want, and I just can’t make myself say, “carrot sticks and Diet Coke.” She suggests getting us each a dozen Krispy Kremes and I don’t object, thinking, “I guess I can have one of those for lunch.” The plain ones are only 5 points, if you were wondering.

I haven’t eaten one yet. The trick will be eating just one between now and tomorrow when I can get Rob to take the box to work. Right now, I’m just concentrating on holding out until 12:15. How evil would it be to show up at the meeting with a dozen donuts?

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