Defying stereotypes

So I was out shoe shopping, as part of my job, of course. I need three new pairs of shoes. One for kickboxing (not job related, but since I was there…), waterproof hiking boots and felt-soled wading boots.

Some sales dude engaged me with “How ya doin’?” while I was looking for a pair of Pumas in a size 9. Same guy asked “How ya doin’?” while I was trying on a pair of $99 hiking boots (would feel guilty expensing these, and hope to find them on sale). I narrated that the 9s were too big and I was going to try the 8.5. He helpfully picked up the white paper that had been stuffed into the toes.

A few minutes later, he tracked me down to the wading boot aisle.

“Oh, there you are!” he said. “These are wading shoes. What are you doing?”

“I’m planning to do some wading,” I said coyly. Fought the urge to tell him I’m an avid duck hunter.

Anyway, I bought those. $64 closer to having a pair of boots for every occasion. Felt soles are necessary for walking across rocks in a river, if you were wondering.

S’been a long time since I wore my knee-high pleather boots…

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