Itchy typing finger

Yesterday’s bee sting was a bizarre little event. I was walking Isis and swinging my arm with abandon when I felt the sting and looked down to see the little bugger on my hand. It took some shaking, and some squealing, to get it off.

Stung quite a bit, but by the end of the day, I was over it. Except I guess the venom is still working its way around my hand, because my index finger itches. I took a benadryl and fully expect to fall asleep at my desk.

“The Bourne Ultimatum” was pretty good. I would have liked more of a revelation at the end. (Uh, spoiler alert?) Remember the awesome car chase scene in the first one? Well, there’s an endless foot chase in this one, which I have to say got a little tiresome, or maybe I was just distracted by Julia Stiles’ hair, and planning to cut mine just like it.

Strange. I’m not wowed by the movie stills I’m finding online, but I like her hair in this picture, even though it’s shorter than it was in the movie.

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