CSI: K-9

A few weeks ago, I noticed a rectangular piece of white rubber on the floor. I assumed it came off of something of Rob’s, and didn’t think much else about it even when he said he didn’t know what it was from either.

Isis got a hold of the thing and chewed it to bits while I slept on Friday, and still I assumed it just landed on our floor somehow. Did not occur to me that it might be something Isis had detached from somewhere in the house.

This morning when I heard her chomping loudly, I of course assumed she was working on some rawhide. But no, it was a larger piece of the same material, with ridges on the side, like it slid into something. And I still have no idea where it came from. I’ve looked all over the place, at her eye level, to see if rubber thingamabobs are missing from anything. Nothing. And this last piece was clearly broken off its rightful location, so you’d think it would be obvious what it is that is missing its ridged piece of white rubber.

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