Over the hump

I can’t even believe it. I made it back to the office with time to spare before the meeting.

I totally fried my brain at the computer training though. Since I planned to miss the last “unit” in order to beat traffic (yay me!), after lunch I worked ahead in the chapter the instructor was on, while also doing some of the exercises from the chapter I was going to miss. By 2:30, I could no longer focus my eyes on the screen or even process whatever he was saying about character styles and font size and body text.

Good thing I have an instruction manual.

I was a little sketched out by my motel, even after I deliberately picked one that wasn’t described in online reviews as “sketchy.” I put the bar lock on the door, but I worried that someone could climb in through the window. And I had no Isis or Robbie to protect me. Better find something lying around the office I can use to bar the window.

Also, totally pathetic motel breakfast. No waffle maker or hot food at all. Cold cereal, oatmeal packets and plastic wrapped muffins and sweet rolls. Not that I don’t normally eat cold cereal for breakfast, but this eating area was even dirtier than mine! Dirty coffee cups all over the place. Bleh.

10:30 p.m. Update: Back in Fife motel room. I have a monopod bracing against the window. So I’m safe, as long as no one tries to break the window to get the monopod.

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