Just because you’re obsessive compulsive

…doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go back and check.

Isis has gotten so good about going into her crate after our morning play sessions. Might have something to do with the peanut butter ears I stash in her Hide-a-Squirrel and Mystery of the Pyramids toys.

I wasn’t even on the freeway yet when I realized that I didn’t remember closing her crate door. That happened once before, but she wandered into the bathroom before I left.

I decided it was probably that “Did I lock my door” thing, when you do something so unconsciously you don’t remember doing it. And so what if I did leave it open? Rob’s mom would be by in a couple of hours and it would be interesting to see what Isis would do with all that freedom.

Sure enough, I got a call from Rob’s dad saying that I needed to call the house right away, the crate door was left open and “Isis was a bad girl.”

Oh nooooo, I thought, I am so stupid. She probably crapped all over the place. Or chewed through the computer and TV cords…

Actually, she had gotten a hold of a bag of shin guards, which had just been washed, but were still pretty stinky. She scattered them around the house, but did no damage to anything. I can just picture her, with a shin guard in her mouth, shaking the hell out of it, dropping it, and going for another. I’m told she also moved all of the toys out of her crate and into the computer room.

The kicker, though, is that she didn’t greet Rob’s mom at the door, but waited patiently in her crate until Grandma came in the kitchen.

Man, I bet Isis had the greatest morning.

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