Ugly, Pretty and Special

I just finished the Uglies trilogy. (Yeah, it’s that young adult series. Seriously, you want to fight about it?)

Pretty smart trilogy. I’m sad it’s over, and sort of sad about the ending, although there was no other way for it to end. That happens a lot, I guess.

The series takes place in a utopian future where everyone is ugly until they turn 16, and then they have surgery to be pretty, and they also become rather mindless.

Last night, I fell asleep watching Dr. 90210 and there was this chick who wanted to have a diamond implanted in her wrist. She was a self-proclaimed plastic surgery addict…and let me tell you, her face was not pretty. I don’t mean that she was too perfect and therefore not pretty, I mean her features were unattractive. Poor thing.

Oh, it seems she’s a famous ex-porn star. I guess her eyes are ok…

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