Personifying my dog

Last night, Isis looked so sad. She had this expression on her face conveying, “No one will play with me.” We each played with her outside a little today, and her Smiley Bird face came back. I would have taken her to a dog park, but it’s raining again! Also, I meant to take her for a walk. Jeez, I’m a terrible parent.

As I explained it to her this morning, when she kept nagging me to take her out. “See, honey,” I said. “Mommy is very very lazy…” We did take her with us to the A&W drive-thru, but then she was all, “Waitasecond. This isn’t Dairy Queen. Where’s my ice cream?”

We got her this toy at PetSmart a few weeks ago on clearance. It was, like, $2.99. But it was perfect. Not much of a squeak and it was shaped like a fish. Appropriate because my work is all about fish now. I’m told it’s probably supposed to be a Rainbow Trout, not a Chinook Salmon, but whatever.

It had a label on it that said “1/2 ton of yankin’ fun,” which struck us as a little obscene, but the idea was that there was a cloth belt through the stuffed toy, making it indestructible.

Today, Isis tore the tail to shreds.

I haven’t been to PetSmart in weeks! I can’t believe it! Although I have to go soon, because we’re getting low on food.

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