1st Salmon

My favorite picture of the day.

I’m especially proud that the horizon is straight. I seem to have a problem holding my camera level and it’s not so good when there’s a slanted ocean in the background.

This is the remains of the first salmon the tribe caught this season, after it was tasted by all the participants at the first salmon ceremony. They send the remains back to the sea.

It was impossible to get a good shot during the celebration, because it was indoors. I don’t like using a flash anyway, but even with the flash, most of the shots were too dark. So I was delighted to be invited to accompany the salmon remains to this portion of the ceremony.

Three or four bald eagles circled in the trees while we watched the salmon go. I never have a long enough lens to document these sightings, but I sure love spotting those white heads and tails.

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