My footprint

It feels good to look at these suggestions for reducing my carbon footprint, and say that I’m already doing some of them. In fact, I just planted a tree last weekend (after getting it free at an Earth Day event). And I just learned that I shouldn’t leave my cell phone charger plugged in all the time.

I also pay for a garbage service that composts our food and yard waste, even though we have yet to fill up the blue food and yard waste bin. I swear, I thought the amount of Rob’s leftovers I threw away every week at the old apartment would fill a trash can.

Guess I gotta figure out a way to unplug TVs and DVD players when not in use. What a pain. And um, low-flow showerheads? I don’t think I have those.

But I totally empty the lint from the dryer, and I use an electric steamer instead of the stovetop for my veggies. When I eat veggies. And I wash most of my laundry in cold water, except sometimes, don’t you really want your towels and sheets to be blasted with hot water? I like paper bags at the grocery store (just haven’t gotten on the reusable bag bandwagon. How am I to know how much I’m going to buy?), because I can recycle those and use them to transfer Rob’s leftovers from styrofoam containers into the food and waste compost bin.

I’m a bit conflicted about the dog poop situation though. Is it better to put plastic bags of shit in the landfill, or bury it to compost 30 feet from a stream that empties into the bay? Jury’s out on whether composting gets rid of fecal coliform. Just how quickly will the waste seep into the soil and make its way all the way over to the stream?

I really had to take a look at how much the earth means to me when deciding which version of Tori Amos’ new CD to pre-order. Traditionally, I’ve gotten the Deluxe editions. Because I am a fan. But I don’t really watch the DVDs that come with them. And struggled to find good uses for the charms from Scarlet’s Walk and the stickers from the Beekeeper (although they now fantastically decorate my iguana’s habitat). How much do I really need bonus postcards and a 36-page booklet?

Then the answer was clear…I should order it on iTunes! Looks like I still get the booklet, but in digital form. Not sure about the postcards, but I get bonus videos and the satisfaction that I have done my part to preserve Mother Earth.

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