Flea to be you and me

Frontline Plus is way cool. I applied it for the first time yesterday, so I’m not quite ready to declare it 100 percent effective, but this morning, little dying fleas were surfacing on top of Isis’ fur to gasp a last breath before I picked them off and flicked them in the toilet.

I was told that fleas aren’t really a problem during the winter ’round these parts. So as spring sprang, I started to wonder when was a good time to start defending against the buggers. I mail-ordered some Frontline and on Easter asked Rob’s sister (a double-dog owner) if she used something similar. She said “No, I don’t like that stuff.” And she’s never had a “problem.”

So I didn’t immediately apply the stuff when it arrived Wednesday, but wouldn’t you know it, I saw a little flea hopping around on my bed yesterday morning, en route, no doubt, to lay a bunch of little flea eggs on my pillow.

At this point, it occurs to me why some people keep their dogs off their beds. And couches. And blankets. Earlier in the morning, I got up to pee and Isis used the opportunity to get up on my pillow. I got back in bed and lay next to her, both of our heads on my pillow and our bodies under the covers, with Rob on the other side of Isis. And she had fleas at the time! Gross.

Upon discovery of the flea, I applied the poison, because I’m environmentally savvy and all, but I’m not going to eschew an easy, effective way to get rid of creepy-crawlies. (Although now I’m worried about killing Stew or giving Isis thyroid cancer.)

As far as infestations go, it wasn’t the worst I’ve seen. I might spot one on her belly or under her arm, but not dozens. I was disappointed this morning that some were still alive, but a few minutes later was delighted as I watched fleas literally fall off my dog.

Now, it’s cool if Frontline breaks the flea cycle and all, as every flea that jumps on her bites her and dies…but in the meantime, we’ve got larvae and pupae incubating on my new accent rug, my couch, three different blankets in the TV room, the reclining chair…

Coincidentally, I washed her crate bedding on Wednesday night, and you bet I put clean sheets, pillow cases and comforter on our bed. Guess I’ll be doing some vacuuming when I get home tonight.

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