To the left, to the left

…everything I chew with my teeth on the left.

What I forgot to mention in the earlier post about my cracked tooth is how ironic it is that I have two cracked teeth on the side of my face that I have been babying for more than two years. Remember my TMJ?

While I have started eating cold cereal, potato chips and crackers again, I tend to chew on the left side of my mouth. I ate one of those really hard Nature Valley granola bars about a minute after I made the first appointment with the dentist, and for some reason bit down on the right side, which is when I realized there might be something wrong with a second tooth. Could a really hard granola bar have cracked my tooth?

I’m supposed to have good teeth! What happened? If these two teeth are cracked, for no apparent reason except the 15-year-old (plus) fillings “failed,” what’s in store for my other six filled molars?

Wait, there’s more. Yesterday I was eating a salad, which yes, had walnuts in it, but they were really small. I felt a twinge in the recently crowned tooth. I can’t even say what it was that caused it. Could have been a piece of lettuce.

I went back to the dentist today, and I might need a root canal! I’m supposed to see if the twinge magically gets any better by Friday, and we’ll consider the possibilities then.

Wondering if this is karmic revenge because I enjoy pulling out my dog’s loose teeth…

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