Slow learner

Isis does not seem to be deterred by any of the training techniques we’ve tried to get her to mouth softly. She’s still teething, but the pup doesn’t know her own strength. She doesn’t bite out of aggression, but sometimes she gets very excited and wants to chew on our hands or feet. Mostly Rob’s.

We’ve tried ignoring it, leaving the room when she does it, yelping “Ouch,” shouting “Out!” (which is supposed to sound like a mama dog scolding her pups), “feeding her that which she bites” (I don’t have the constitution for this one — Rob forces his hand into her mouth until it is uncomfortable for her), and folding a bit of her lip in her mouth while holding it closed, so she sees how much it hurts (last night this made her cry because it aggravated a loose and bleeding tooth. Rob accused me of being abusive).

Perhaps the problem is that we don’t do any one thing consistently.

Last night, I marveled that for a smart dog, she sure hasn’t learned the consequences of biting.

Then there’s Rob, energetically rubbing her belly and back, sticking his face in hers and waving his hands all around near her face…clearly not having learned what the consequences are for that kind of play.

Published by Kari Neumeyer

Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

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