Like shooting puppies with a BB gun…

So I went to the dentist yesterday to have a filling replaced and was delighted to learn that my tooth in fact was cracked and needed a crown. So did the molar beneath it. But they could only do one yesterday, so I’ll have to have the other one done at a later date.

I think I was a splendid patient during the two hours they drilled and took impressions and fitted me with the temporary. I only almost drowned on the rinse water filled with tooth shavings a couple of times. You’d think my experience with yogic breathing would have helped me, but it’s not so easy to breathe through your nose when your mouth is wide open.

The temporary crown feels weird. I guess I prefer it to the cracked silver filling that had become extremely sensitive to cold. Really, it was quite excruciating to drink water or even rinse after brushing. Never mind drink a milkshake or eat ice cream.

After the excitement wore off, as well as the Novocaine that numbed my face all the way up to my eyelashes, I felt a bit sad that I effectively have a false tooth. I mean, the real tooth is still there, but underneath the crown, so it’s like, what’s the point?

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