Downward dog

We had great fun training Isis at the park on Sunday. She still loves us even though we use the prong collar on her.

When we returned, I set my camera bag on top of a 5-foot-tall dresser and it toppled over (the bag, not the dresser). It was unsnapped, and the camera fell out, landing on the lens. The camera is fine; the lens not so much. I’m waiting to hear from my boss as to whether to go ahead and replace it while I wait 10 days to two weeks to get an estimate on the repair.
Isis was spayed on Friday. Isn’t it funny that a surgery that is such a huge deal for human women is treated as so routine on dogs and cats? Maybe it would be less traumatic for women if they had it done when they were five months old.

It’s hard for her to take it easy. She really wants to run around with her soccer ball. She picks it up and comes to the sliding glass door, looking so hopeful. Usually I run around with her before crating her when I go to work, but today it was straight in the crate. Oh, the guilt! I’d been with her pretty much non-stop since I picked her up from the vet on Friday.

As you can see from the pictures, she’s doing very well with sit/stay, even if she does wind up looking every which why while doing it. (and licking her nose, for some reason. Maybe there’s some residual peanut butter on her face, since I use that to forcefeed her medicine.) For “down,” we’re supposed to use our bodies to get her all the way down and I’m surprised how much she resists it. The trainer said some dogs don’t like it, but we hold her a lot, and Rob puts her on her back (for belly rubbing) all the time.

Here she is, appearing to be in compliance, but actually planning her escape.

The other big news of the weekend is that I finished painting the bathroom! I’d show the “after” photos if I had a lens with which to take them.

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