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While reading an article advising people to stock up in preparation for a possible flu pandemic, I thought, “Ooh, wouldn’t that be nice, to be hunkered down at home with Rob and Isis, bottles of Gatorade and boxes of Kleenex.”

It would help ensure my house doesn’t burn down anyway. I came home yesterday and heard a funny noise, like the fan was on in the bathroom. I opened the door to the guest bath, but the sound wasn’t coming from there. I wondered whether Rob could be in the shower in the master bath, even though his car wasn’t out front.

I opened the door to the bedroom and the noise got louder. The hairdryer had fallen, turned itself on and boy, was the room warm. I used to hang the hairdryer from a toothbrush holder embedded in the wall, but that holder was among some of the tiles I’ve removed. I’d started hanging the dryer in one of those towel rings (which I would remove if it weren’t in the middle of some perfectly innocuous white tile), but evidently, this is not a secure location. The hairdryer fell at some point between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (that’s right, I work a long day) and was just blowing like mad there on the floor. Can’t wait to see the electric bill.

Yes, I know, I should be unplugging it when not in use. There’s a tag on the cord that says something to that effect. Duly noted.

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