The Cover Up

For some reason I thought it would be easy to remove the rest of the golden (orange) tiles from my bathroom wall. Not the case.

I just needed to get the 25 or so border tiles off, but the tiles are quite hard and the wall is quite soft, so you can imagine that as often as not, I managed to drive my chisel into the wall, rather than pull the tile off it.

Then the tiles would seduce me, by allowing one to come off easily, intact, with minimal damage to the wall. Only to tear off huge hunks of wall next time.

During the earlier phase, I spackled the holes on the wall, even though they’d eventually be covered with tile, because I didn’t want Rob to see how bad it really looked.

It was touch and go today, with missing chunks and exposed plaster that would rattle and release dust with every clang of my hammer. I used the remainder of two containers of spackle and some mortar to fill it in. It still looks awful, but I’m less ashamed.

I asked Rob if he thought we should knock out the walls between the bathrooms and just have one big bathroom, because I’ve already started.

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Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

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