Serious matters and not so much

Barney is doing well.

Here’s a picture from a couple of years ago.

He has a tumor in his jaw, which started bleeding yesterday. He had surgery to remove the necrotic tissue, which must have been what gave him such bad breath last time I saw him. As I understand it from my remote location, the next couple of days will determine whether we have Barney for as many as a few more months, or whether he will not make it to his scheduled road trip to Phoenix next week. He’s 13, but I’m still optimistic!

Here’s my completely ridiculous problem, especially by comparison. A meeting of people who do not regularly work out of this office was scheduled for 10 a.m. I thought I better bring my lunch, in case I was the only one here and needed to stay as long as the meeting went on. I brought some frozen edamame and a potato to microwave-bake, which for some reason, strikes me as an odd office lunch.

The meeting folks are not using the private, back conference room, however, but have gathered at a table in the main office, directly across from the kitchen. I was starving by the time I mustered up enough courage to microwave the edamame and retrieve my Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. Now I really want my potato, but I’m embarrassed to make my lunch in front of strangers. And I’m not even the only one here, so I could actually go out for food, but I want the potato!

I love potatoes.

Oh wait, they’re leaving right now…

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