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Thanks very much to Aunt L and Uncle M who sent Isis a gift card from Petco! Darling Isis decided to spend it on a new light and some food for her big brother, Stew, who either is not taking well to the new baby, or to the lack of sunlight in his diet. Or both.

We took him outside for a short bit on Sunday, when the sun was actually out. I hope the increased UVA/UVB’s from the fresh bulb rejuvenate him a little. Next month we’ll get him a calcium shot, which should take him through the winter.

For the first time in my life, I’ve actually been counting down until the days get longer again. Maybe it’s the stormy weather, but it’s not supposed to feel like dusk at 2 p.m. is it?

Am feeling like a complete jerk today, because I let Rob down. I was supposed to sub for his martial arts class last night, and on the drive back from Olympia, I came up with a pretty fun lesson plan. When I have to teach, part of me always sort of hopes no one shows. But if anyone does show, I hope that enough people show so that I don’t have to partner with a boy who is stronger than me (i.e. most of them).

A nice group of five showed up, which would have been fine, because the girl I usually partner with was there.

EXCEPT, I couldn’t unlock the bleeping door. I actually went home to get additional sets of keys, including the originals, but none of them opened the door, which looked like it had been recently replaced.

I couldn’t reach anyone and I had to cancel class. When I talked to the studio owner today, she said the locks hadn’t been changed, but that she’d had trouble with them over the weekend. This does not make me feel better, just that I should have tried harder and gotten the damn door open.

Also I have an eye stye.

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