First law of motion

Sheesh. I’m feeling a bit unproductive and useless now.

Since Sunday’s blizzard, I’ve barely left the house. I was grateful to have more time with the puppy, but when my body stays at rest too long, it tends to stay at rest.

I’m supposed to drive to the main office for a 9:30 meeting on Thursday morning, which involves leaving the house at 5 a.m. or so. And now there’s a winter storm watch for the state’s entire I-5 corridor from tomorrow night through Thursday morning.

The news keeps showing me abandoned cars by the side of the road, warning of trees falling on the freeway and advising that if you don’t have to leave the house, don’t.

My boss is understanding, but what am I supposed to put on my time sheet?

Published by Kari Neumeyer

Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

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