When it’s over

I’ve officially crossed the last item from my to-do list.

Unfortunately it’s only 12:30. I’ve got a lunch date at 1 that I suppose I can stretch longer than an hour…and packing up my inflatable seat cushion and plants oughta take me a whole 30 seconds.

Granted I haven’t been here as long as at my last two jobs, but I seem to have a lot less stuff to pack up. Which is weird, since I have my own office. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been permanent. I’ll be bringing boatloads of stuff to the new office.

At the last paper, I had a drawer full of used spiral reporter’s notebooks, which I dumped in the recycle bin on my last day. Didn’t use too many notebooks at this job. I took a box of books and files home on Friday, a bag of personal care and decorative items yesterday, and really, all that’s left is the seat cushion and the plants.

Unfortunately, Rob is accompanying a juvenile offender to a competency hearing two hours south of here, and may not return in time to pick me up, so I could wind up on the bus with the plants.

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