Can I keep her? Please?

So that second dog, the guard dog? She’s really cute. The beagle had already been adopted by the time I got to Petco, but that’s OK, it’s not the one I wanted anyway.

Rob refused to go with me to look at puppies. Just look, I said. It’s like buying a house. I should look at lots of puppies to make sure we get the right one. Also to make sure I’m not allergic.

He didn’t trust me enough to not come home with the dog, so it would have made more sense if he insisted on coming with, to make sure I didn’t.

The rott-shepherd was so sweet. I sat with her and played with her for a long time. I can still feel her kisses on my face. I want her. But I can be reasonable. We’re going out of town for Thanksgiving, so we should wait til after that to get a dog. If this dog is still available, I’m totally getting her. We just have to put up a dog run first.

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Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

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