Lazy Sunday

Oh yes. Did I plan this weekend right or what. Yesterday was what may well have been the last beautiful sunny day for a while. I drove out a ways to a farm/nursery and bought myself some Spectabilis bamboo to plant outside Stew’s window. The bamboo not only will give Stew something to look at, but also will shield Rob from the neighbors’ view when seated at his computer.

Of course then I had to stop at Lowe’s on the way home (hadn’t been there in more than a week if you can believe it), to buy some sheet metal for a rhizome barrier to prevent the bamboo from spreading. But really, I can’t imagine that I’d mind if it did. I also bought a shovel, which was a damn good thing, because what no one tells you about gardening is that digging the hole is the hardest part.

I dug and I dug and I sweat and I changed into a shortsleeved T-shirt and clipped my bangs off my face, and I got the bamboo in the ground. The rhizome barrier is higher than I want it to be, however, and I can’t dig any deeper because I encountered a small yellow pipe (?) about a foot and a half deep. Guess another trip to Lowe’s is in order, to get a smaller piece of sheet metal. Kinda surprising that I didn’t pull the one piece out of the ground and immediately get back in the car to go to Lowe’s and exchange it, isn’t it?

But I had social plans, if you can believe that!

Today, I have not showered, gotten dressed or left the house, except to put banana peels in the food waste bin outside (fruit flies). I bathed Stew, did some yoga, worked on some writing projects and um, napped for three hours. When I went outside a little while ago to pick dandelion greens for Stew, little drops of water were falling from the sky. I actually have the heat on in the house.

It’s a lazy, gray day. Good times.

I wonder if it bothers Rob, the sound of my slippers clicking on our wood laminate floors. For some reason, it’s hard to pick up my feet when traversing the house. Hence, I shuffle.

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