Nobody told me there’d be additional expenses beyond the down payment!! $1,700 to install a dishwasher? Are you F-ing kidding me? The good news is, we already put the wheels in motion to get the $40 premeasure fee refunded from Best Buy, because c’mon, we don’t want people installing our dishwasher who don’t return our calls. If they’d called back the next day as promised and quoted $1,700 because of the cabinetry work involved, we wouldn’t have been able to get that refund.

Also, Brian the evil plumber is no longer with Bode’s. And they’re refunding me $75. So that’s nice. They probably woulda come out for free to stop the running toilet, buy nyah, nyah, I replaced it myself. (Brian kept postponing his visits because of doctor’s appointments, so probably that has more to do with his departure from Bode’s than his poor service on our job. Still, nice to know.)

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