Who me? Defensive?

Dooce posted today about feeling like she constantly had to convince herself that the parenthood thing was going OK. I feel like that about my job. All signs point to my doing a spectacular job, everybody loves me, I’m sure to go far. But as I sit here and… aw jeez, now we’re getting into that territory that seems so dangerous to blog about.

It’s like this. I do the work that’s expected of me, and frequently go above and beyond. However, I’m on the computer for 8-9 a day, and spend much of the time reading blogs and news stories, which one could argue is part of my job description. But then, it would be really hard to explain why I just googled “J*nnifer An*ston t*pless” from work… just curious about the disposition of a lawsuit. Wasn’t looking for pictures or anything.

On the one hand, I feel like I should be working harder. But I’m so easily distracted these days. And when you’re doing a wonderful job, how is it possible to do better? (Or have I just got them all fooled?) Besides, it’s summertime. That’s my defense. I’ll stop compulsively internet surfing after school starts.

Speaking of Dooce, I think I may have an answer to the beach towel mystery of the Armstrong Family Plumbing Disaster. Although the hole leading from my guest toilet to raw sewage had no offensive odors to speak of, I read that one should put a rag down over the hole while installing a new toilet. Mayhaps the toilet installers used a beach towel and never removed it?

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