You’ve got me? Who’s got you?

Ah, Superman Returns. It hit me right here. (Points to heart.) Was quite surprised at how dreamy the new guy is. Even when he was, as I call it, “All lacquered up” so his face looked made of plastic like Jude Law’s in A.I.

But come on, “How many F’s are there in catastrophic?” Please let’s not have a Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist not know how to spell.

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  1. You <>do<> realize that was in the original Superman movie directed by Richard Donner, right? It wasn’t a mistake or dumb comment by a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist (who can be poor spellers, btw), it was an homage reference to the original film to show respect.True fans know this stuff. The line and meaning behind it wasn’t lost on those who were knowledgeable enough to understand it.

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