Talk to me, Harry Winston, tell me all about it

Diamond rings : Marriage :: Barbecue sauce : Pork ribs.

Stay with me here.

Before my brother became a vegetarian, he preferred ribs above all other foods. Then he realized that it wasn’t the taste of the ribs he liked, but the barbecue sauce. French fries, pizza and veggie burgers are just as delicious as pig parts when coated with BQ sauce.

I used to assume that I would get married. But then I fell in love with Rob, who told me eloquently that he isn’t “down” with marriage. I considered leaving him to find someone who would marry me. I tried to change his mind. My desire to be a bride and a wife must not have been as strong as I thought it was, because I was unable to present a persuasive argument.

Then I realized: it wasn’t the wedding I dreamed of, but the sparkly ring!

Rob’s reaction to this epiphany was, “Uh, isn’t the lasting, committed relationship the important thing?”

Yeah, whatever.

Introducing my other new best friend, a jewel in the lotus, designed with one of the diamonds from my grandmother’s earrings. I wear it on my right hand.

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