Rhymes with citrus

Hot damn does an orange taste good when one’s throat has that pre-cold scratchiness.

Flew to So. Cal during each of the previous two weekends, which seems to have taxed my immune system, even though I took Airborne. Probably should have taken more.

Have had several marginally blog-worthy thoughts during past few days…

One is that my azalea plant is faring better than Emerald did, after mirroring his last few days. I came back to work Monday and she was wilting. I gave her lots of water but she still looked bad. I’m glad I didn’t rush to pull off all the wilted blossoms, though, because when I came in yesterday, she had perked right up. This is where she deviated from Emerald, however, because she did not subsequently suffer severe diarrhea and die.

Speaking of Emerald. Saturday Night Live was the least funny it’s been in years last weekend, and I blame Tom Hanks. However, even though Amy Poehler’s Caitlin sketch did not make me laugh, it did make me smile, cus it featured a live iguana! Who performed very well, I must say. Especially in her close-up.

On another note, I evidently bought the wrong kind of Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle cream. I’d seen the commercials where the 30-year-old complains that she shouldn’t be getting both pimples and fine lines, and um, related. But I shoulda gotten the Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish cream, because without the salcylic acid, the retinol made me break out like a damn 8th-grader. Which is odd, since retinol is the main ingredient in Retin-A, no?

So I’m back to Healthy Skin moisturizer with alpha-hydroxy, as I don’t trust the retinol combo right now. Not til I’m cleared up.

I expect Neutrogena to send me free samples or coupons or a refund or something, cus I complained on their website. Before I knew it was my fault for buying the wrong product.

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