Donde esta la sirena?

I used to have these great drinking glasses. I may well have blogged about them before. They had Mexican tarot cards on them: La Sirena, La Luna, La Rosa, El Diablo, El Mano, El Corazon…

I systematically broke one every time I moved and a couple of times in between. I may have broken the last of them in my most recent apartment, but if I have one left, it’s in storage.

I have the opportunity to return to the scene of the original purchase this weekend. The Rose Cafe Gift Shop. There’s no reason to believe that they’ll have them there because I’m pretty sure I’ve been there since I started looking for the glasses, and they didn’t have them then.

The really weird thing is that I haven’t been able to find them online. Up until a few minutes ago, I couldn’t find anything with the images on it. But that was when I was searching ebay and google using terms like “tarot” and “fortune,” when the word I was looking for was “loteria.” Great. Fine. So now I can find the Loteria shower curtain and coasters…but not the drinking glasses!

Closest I’ve gotten is La Sirena pitcher.

Por Favor! Yo quiero comprar los vasos con las picturas de Loteria.

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