Honeydew melon: the filler fruit

Will someone tell me why it’s easier to spend $12.50 a week on fruit cups than it is to buy a whole cantelope or pineapple and slice it?

A few weeks ago, I decided to eat better and have more fresh food at home. Two days ago I threw out the leftover black beans, corn and romaine lettuce that I couldn’t manage to finish before they started stinking up the fridge. (I like to blame the smell on Rob’s penchant for bringing home leftovers that he never eats, but this time it was primarily the fault of half a zucchini, purchased for Emerald, which had grown a nice furry white coat since the last time I looked in the crisper drawer.)

So it was established that I could not eat a single can of black beans or corn, or a bag of prewashed romaine, before the contents spoil.

I’ve been buying a seasonal fruit cup almost every day, and I always have to search for the one with a higher proportion of cantelope and pineapple to honeydew and grapes. It would make sense for me to buy my own fruit, wouldn’t it? It would be cheaper even to buy presliced fruit at the store. Maybe I’ll start doing that next week.

On the down low

What I did not widely publicize when I took my current job, is that it is not permanent. I was banking on them loving me so much that they would keep me beyond my original assignment. Which seems to be the case.

I love my job, but the process that needs to be completed before the process can begin that will secure my future is moving very slowly indeed. And there’s no guarantee the outcome will serve my purposes. So I interviewed today for another, sort of related position, that I don’t actually want because I want the job I’ve got. See? But I would take the new job rather than be unemployed. See?

And said new job, being permanent, would enable me to move ahead with my next Life Step: Buying a House. Plus, both jobs, if permanent, offer five weeks of vacation. I might as well be European.

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