Something so random

As I was reading various Harvard Crimson and New York Times stories to find one to link to, regarding the young novelist who “internalized” another young-adult novelist’s phrasology, I wondered, “Has everything orginal been done? Is it impossible to write a teen novel without recycling passages?”

But reading further, I think the answer is No. It’s just that some schlocky book packager types have limited imaginations.

The Harvard Independent article has me believing that this young woman isn’t the young adult novel “type,” but she let the packaging company put her name and ethnic spin on a generic teen novel. (Unless she was too embarrassed to admit earlier that Megan McCafferty’s books “spoke to her.” Digression, but I received great praise for my honesty when I was on a panel in junior high and I admitted to liking Sweet Valley High books, because the younger kids seemed coached to brag about their sophisticated tastes.)

Question is, was she happy with the finished product? Had this fan of Austen, Bronte and Atwood been proud to say she authored, “How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life”?