I’m already torn

Last weekend, when I was trying to cure Emerald, I discovered an iguana adoption website. On Tuesday, after he died, I found myself on the site again, feeling guilty, but thinking it would ease the pain if I had another iguana to care for.

Just looking at pictures of other people’s iguanas made me feel better, while at the same time making me jealous.

I saw a listing for a male iguana right here in my own city, and I applied for it. Not the very same day, but the next one.

I haven’t heard back from that owner, so maybe the iguana already found a home. I’ve surfed a few other adoption sites, and haven’t found any other “perfect” iguanas. And this weekend, reading about the available iguanas made me really sad. Apparently they’re given away as carnival prizes on the east coast. And one family bought an iguana at a garage sale!

I hated being in the apartment alone, without Emerald, while Rob was at work. But today, when I looked at a couple of iguanas that are available in B.C., I wasn’t sure I could ever love another iguana.

Maybe I should get a ferret. Or a beagle.

I’ll be out of town for the next couple of weekends, so I guess we’ll see how I feel the next time I have 12 hours to kill on a weekend. If I want to drive across the border and smuggle an iguana back.