On Friday, Rob and I are going to San Jose during a rare 48-hour period during which neither one of us has to work. We going to the historic, first-ever, state-sanctioned Mixed Martial Arts fight in California. Rob has trained with Frank Shamrock and he’s a helluva nice guy. Sportsmanlike.

I’ve been looking forward to our trip, because the day-to-day has started feeling a little like a grind. Weekdays go by very quickly, with most of my hours spent behind a desk and at the martial arts club. And then it’s the weekend, which should be playtime, but that’s when Rob works, so it’s mostly laundry and reading and writing and yoga for me. And then it’s Monday again.

But I know I’m damn lucky, if this is my grind, because it has bay views and evergreen trees, intellectually stimulating tasks and a generally cheerful atmosphere.

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Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

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