Have self-diagnosed and decided that my lower back pain is in my sacroiliac joint. I’ve got some bum joints. (Oh, hey, that was kind of a pun!)

It didn’t bother me much over the weekend but as soon as I sat butt in chair on Monday morn, it was killing me. Even with my little Swedish inflatable seat cushion/lumbar thingie.

So I decided to take the advice that I’ve been ignoring thus far. OTC painkillers (generic Aleve: two in the a.m., two in the p.m.) and alternating heat and ice. I’m told the heat stimulates circulation and the ice flushes toxins. If you were wondering.

After two days, I guess it’s a little better.

In household news, I may have started to become something of a nag. S’morn, after stepping over a trampoline and a microwave (yes, our microwave is on the kitchen floor) to get to my hairdryer, which is plugged in near the treadmill in the kitchen (we have some three-prong outlet issues), I said to Rob, “It’s getting a little hard to walk around the apartment.”

I said it sweetly, at least. He’d already promised to investigate the smell in the refrigerator. Seriously. I threw everything out. I don’t know what it can be. And I sniffed the baking soda and the ice, in case they were retaining the odor from something else. It’s a mystery.

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