Conversation with a cat lady

An elderly lady walked out of my office building as I crossed the parking lot. She stared at me as I neared her, and I realized that she was trying to read my shirt.

Me: It says Never Walk Alone.

Her: Oh, that’s a very good idea.

I turned around to show her the back.


Me: It’s a dog-walking shirt. It’s not where you walk, it’s who walks with you.

Her: I walked with my husband for fifty years.

Me: Do you have a dog?

Her: No, I have a cat.

Me: You should get a dog.

Her: We had three cats. The neighbor’s dog ate two of them. He said, “Maybe a coyote got them.” I said, “No, a black dog got them.” My neighbor had a black dog.

Me: So I guess you’re not a dog person…

never walk

Published by Kari Neumeyer

Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

4 thoughts on “Conversation with a cat lady

  1. That poor dog may have been being unjustly accused…LOL. I probably would have been speechless after she told me that!
    One of our cats got killed by our neighbors’ dog….but I still love dogs. 🙂

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