U is for Undercoat

German shepherds are notorious shedders. Here’s why.

Plucking Leo, who celebrates his 4th birthday today.
Happy birthday, Leo Bug!

I took my car to the shop yesterday. Remembering my past humiliation of watching a car mechanic brush off his pants after exiting my car, I put my “guest” car-seat covers over the layer of dog hair.

Normal people put down a towel or something for the rare occasion they have a dog in their car or on their furniture. Not me. I let my dogs fur up the whole interior of the car, and then put a fresh, clean car-seat cover on top of the disgusting mess when I plan to have another human in my car.

Inside the house, Leo has officially taken over my editing chair for daytime street monitoring. I had an allergy attack last time I sat directly on it, so now, when I need to edit, I put a clean sheet over the fur-covered upholstery.

Why has dog hair become the accessory I wear with every outfit? Why is there dog hair on my office chair even though no dog has sat there? Why did my first attempt at writing horror describe choking on errant fluffs of dog hair?

The video above explains it. It’s the Undercoat’s fault.

U is for Undercoat


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Published by Kari Neumeyer

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13 thoughts on “U is for Undercoat

  1. You can pluck Moses and Alma like that this time of year too. Luckily, their hair does not stick to clothes (the back of the vehicle, yes, is an omage to their presence with both hair and drool – which is why they have their own space in the back of an SUV).

  2. Happy happy birthday Leo! wooooowooooooo, Ku
    p.s. You wanna see shedding?! You should see my wooly undercoat blow! WOL!

  3. Great post! Made me laugh. And that undercoat is no joke!!! Serious fur, never-ending. You can brush and brush and brush a german shepherd and the hair just keeps coming out. It’s crazy!

  4. You look like a magician plucking a rabbit our of the hat… except in this case its the undercoat. It looks fluffier than the hair on top, is that what distinguishes an undercoat?? Donna sheds alot but she only has one coat, I think ;)… and I always thought she might have a bit of german shepard in her… guess I’m wrong!

  5. I might not have a shepherd right now, but we used to have a mix of shepherd and collie – reading your blog brought back some long lost memories :).

  6. LOL This brings back memories for me! I used to take a white shepherd to the local park for daily exercise and my car seats were covered in a “Shepherd Hair” blanket. 😀

  7. OMG!! you are too funny! I never cover the car seats because the Tzus don’t shed, but my little Peki-huahua does!! Yup a towel goes down for her 🙂

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