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Sits-tahs! I’m very happy you’re here. Welcome to Rhymes with Safari, so named because way back in 2002, when my blog was an infant, a friend known to me only through the Internet asked how to pronounce my name, Kari.

If you read my recent post on the Possession read-along, you’ll see that I don’t know too much about poetry, so that explains the syllable discrepancy between Kari and Safari, but since I started using that comparison, as opposed to Sorry, Ferrari, or Atari (yeah, it’s been a long time since that last one was relevant), I’ve enjoyed the occasional nickname of Kari Safari.

Over the years, Rhymes with Safari has covered an eclectic bunch of topics, but during the past few years, it’s evolved into a dog blog. My dogs are my passion. I am currently seeking representation for my memoir, Bark and Lunge: The Isis Story, about my reactive German shepherd who died suddenly a few years ago.

My beau, Rob, and I are now the proud parents of Leo and Mia, also German shepherds.

I have other interests as well, notably pop culture. My top-visited post, actually, has very little to do with dogs. It’s called Spider-Man’s Balls. So, uh, enjoy that. And before you decide to click off this site forevermore, please have a look at some other more representative posts:

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40 thoughts on “Today’s Featured Blogger is… me!

  1. Happy SITS day! I love reading about animals! Your German Shepherds are beautiful…such wonderful dogs! I have a pup who is half German Shepherd, half Golden. Looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog!

  2. Hi Kari! Happy SITS Day…those dogs a beautiful! We have a lab, cocker, and a cat. I should write some stories about those 3! Ha. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. You are awesome and I am loving your blog so far. Stopping by from SITS 🙂 I took in a pit as a foster pup a few months ago and am going to stop by the shelter this weekend to foster another. All dogs deserve a chance at a good life and I’m glad that your blog sheds light on that.

    Also, “Atari” was the first thing that came to mind when I read your blog title 🙂

  4. I love German Shephards! Gorgeous, sweet dogs. I grew up with one named Pepper who never had puppies, but when my mom and dad got kittens, treated them (and us when we came along later) like her puppies. She even got into steaks my mom had thawing on the counter (back when that wasn’t taboo) while we were at church and ate them and shared them with the kittens. She even tried to nurse the kittens until she would bleed – true story. I should find out if my mom has any pictures of Pepper with the kittens. Anyway, I hope you have an amazing SITS Day!

  5. any mom who is a dog mom is OK in my book. Dogs are a special sort of joy than only living with a dog can bring. Enjoy your featured day and love those babies.

  6. Happy SITS day to you! I LOVE German Shepherds. I had one years ago when I was in my twenties, and he was my dear friend. He always knew when I was sad.(Now I have a Yorkie, that I love just as much, but she is more like a baby, as well as a friend!) Enjoying your blog.

  7. Hi Kari!

    What a lovely Blog and tribute to your doggies. So sorry about the loss of one of your “children” a few years ago…I know how that feels as we just lost our precious toy pekingese suddenly last month. We still have two gorgeous and very witty shiatsu poodle mixes who think they own the house….

    Love the Blog and I am DEF subscribing.

    Happy SITS Day! Enjoy it!

  8. Kari, what a pretty name! Funny thing is, when I saw your first and last name together, I was trying to figure out how your last name rhymed with safari. Once I read more, I realized it rhymed with Kari. Yes, I do need a nap! It’s been a long week! Congrats on being the sponsored SITS-tah today and have a wonderful weekend!

  9. You have such beautiful dogs! German Shepherds are my favorite breed and I love that they play such a big part in your blog. My dogs are my kids too so I can relate!

    Visiting from SITS

  10. Your babies are lovely! I have two dogs as well and reading your blog inspires me to write about my dogs.

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