Girls who kick ass

Rob and I like to dress up as superheroes for Halloween. In 2004, we were Rogue and Wolverine. From the X-Men movie, not the comic, because Rogue’s comic book hairstyle doesn’t translate so well to real life.

I include this picture, not because my Thai kick is executed particularly well, but check out those pleather pants. How flattering are they? Value Village, baby.

The next time we dressed up was in 2008, and I was Elektra.

In 2009, Rob wanted to reprise Wolverine and I went as Dark Phoenix, but of course, no one on the street recognized me as Dark Phoenix. That’s when I realized that there really aren’t any good girl superheroes anymore. And wondered if there ever were. So last year, I dressed up as the original Super Heroine, one everybody knows.

While Wonder Woman is the best, most recognizable superheroine costume, she has yet to have her own live-action movie. And the recent attempt to reimagine her TV series failed.

So, in these past 7 years of superheroine soul searching, I’ve come to the conclusion that my all-time favorite female superhero is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I don’t think I’ll ever dress up as her, because I’m not blonde enough. My Rogue white streak was as far as I’m willing to go in that direction.

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9 thoughts on “Girls who kick ass

  1. GodDAMN, you two are amazing! Individually, together; these are pure awesomeness. You and Rob being a couple makes me feel good about the universe. So does being friends with you both.

  2. Hi.
    I really like your costumes. You succeeded looking like the characters with only a few details and that’s amazing. I am a big fan of the saga X-Men and I fell on your website by looking up some information about it on the Internet. I would really want to know how you managed to make the white streak in your hair. Is it a bleach treatment and then a tint? That seems so natural! Thank you and good continuation!

    From France,

      1. That seems so simple. For how long did you keep it ? And did people say anything about it afterwards? I have trouble in France to find a white tint and many people say that a bleaching treatment totally ruins your hair…
        Anyway, have you done other costumes recently ?
        Thanks for your answer !

  3. I kept it for a few months and even when I dyed over it, it was a lighter shade than the rest of my hair. I loved it. I did have a guy at a gas station admire it a few days after Halloween, saying, “You look like that character Rogue.” If you just do it once, it’s not too damaging. At least it wasn’t for me. I’ve been dying streaks of my hair purple for a few years now, and I have to bleach it first to get the color to show up. Wonder Woman was my last awesome costume.

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