Down with DVDs

Yesterday I sang the praises of streaming Netflix. Then I went home and watched the DVD that I’ve had for a few weeks since I got it for Rob’s dad the weekend he stayed with the dogs.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.

Man, what a lot of bullshit you’ve got to get through before you get to the movie. All these trailers and video game commercials and you have to fast-forward, because you can’t skip them or go straight to the menu.

And that’s when the DVD player is working. We’ve had some problems with multi-disc players that don’t recognize a disc is in there, or just says, “Loading, loading,” for 10 minutes, or skips and stutters and pauses. We really like having a DVD player that will play 5 or 6 discs, but get this…with instant streaming…you can play unLIMITED numbers of discs.

So yeah, Netflix, I started to have some hesitation about canceling the DVD portion of your service once you hike your rates. (Which I think is really unfair to longtime customers. Couldn’t you just apply the new rates to new customers?) Because there are still movies in my queue that I haven’t watched. They’ve been there for 8 years. And you don’t stream all of them. But guess what? I can rent them individually from Amazon and not have to wait for the disc to arrive in the mail, and maybe be scratched, and maybe not play, and maybe sit around for an entire month (or more) so I wind up paying $7.99 (or more) for that one rental.

So there.

The only problem with this plan is that when our internet goes down, we’ll really have nothing to do but read books.

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