I dream of Isis

It was only a matter of time before I started dreaming that Isis wasn’t dead. I have a feeling last night’s dream will become a recurring one, but at least in this dream, I knew she was supposed to be dead, so I didn’t have that enormous letdown to wake up and realize she was gone.

In the dream, I let Leo out back and was surprised to see that Isis was already out there. We’d let her out and forgotten to bring her back in. For a very long time. I wondered where she had been sleeping, since Leo had been sleeping in our room. I tried to let one dog in but not the other, but they didn’t seem to be fighting anymore. I wondered how we were going to manage both dogs in the house. How had we been managing both dogs in the house?

I let Isis in and snuggled up to her. It was nice to see her again. But then I looked at her and she was Leo. I must have been confused. It had been Leo all along. Then there was another Leo. Two Leos and Isis also was there. Leo was there as a little puppy too. Isis jumped up on the bed with Leo and just sniffed him. Didn’t snarl or anything. Which of course was my dream around Christmas time. All I wanted was for my two dogs to get along.


Twice in the last couple of days, two different people who don’t know us very well made comments that sounded like they thought we got Leo after Isis died. It made me uncomfortable. I don’t want anyone thinking we got Leo as a replacement for her. Because of course, there will never be another Isis.

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