Bad Car-ma

My second car, a Honda Passport, was stolen without a trace in 1998. My next car, a Honda CR-V, was with me for 9 years without any incidents I can recall. (Oh wait, I’m such a liar. A tire blew out once on I-5 and it was broken into on Feb 2, 2005. Second worst Groundhog Day ever.)

My current car, a 2007 Honda Fit has suffered an awful lot of abuse since I first brought it home. Within a month of getting it, I swiped a post at a gas station, leaving paint across the driver side door. I was able to get the paint off, but a slight dent in the door remained. At some point within the next year, someone apparently keyed the passenger side. And let’s not forget the city of Vancouver, which erroneously towed me, damaging the bumper on both sides. It still pops out a few times a week, and I have to kind of pound it back in.

Then there’s the dog factor. When I got the car, I didn’t realize how much Isis’ tan fur would show up on the black upholstery. So far, Leo’s shed is mostly black, but he has done the most damage to my car of anyone or thing.  He’s chewed on the gear shift, turn signal and windshield wiper levers. There are even teeth marks on the driver side sun visor. And he’s torn up the upholstery in back.

But today he did the cutest thing ever.  A few times before, he had changed the radio station, leading me to joke that he is a classic rock fan. We were listening to his favorite station today and while Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” was playing, he moved between our seats and put his paw on the volume knob — TURNING UP THE VOLUME. Moments like that make all his damage to my car totally worth it.

Later, I was driving across the Bed, Bath and Beyond parking lot, a straight shot, headed toward my bank’s ATM machine. Rob said, “Look out look out look out,” and then there was a Subaru’s rear end visible through the passenger side window and a crunching sound as the car hit mine. So, that was awesome.

Note Leo in the passenger seat

As we exchanged information, the offending driver pointed to the chipped paint near where the door meets the window and said, “I didn’t do that.”

Uh, dude, I don’t see how you couldn’t have. I’m pretty confident his insurance co. will pay my deductible, and we have these photos as evidence. I’ve already reported it. I sort of wish he’d hit my bumper too. I think I’ll see how much it will cost to have that repaired too.

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